Mili Soch: Upcoming Toronto Desi Hip-hop ‘Superstar’

Mili Soch, emerging Toronto Desi Hip Hop artist has released his newest single, ‘Superstar’.

Mili Soch is never afraid to gracefully create looking past hip hop stereotypes. “Superstar” is a “witty love song with references to on screen and off screen Bollywood couples” says Mili Soch. Since the release of his second single “Time” earlier this year, Mili Soch has continued to evolve his music, imagery and lyrical influence. “Superstar is one of the multiple new tracks being penned for his 2017 EP.

I had a chance to talk to Mili Soch about his role in the music industry.

Why did you choose to be in the music industry?

Growing up in Scarborough, in high school I started off free-styling as a hobby, and realized I was good at it. While free-styling, I used to incorporate Hindi words which would spark a reaction from Desi students. Since then I had an intuition, that I would pursue a career in the music industry.

Who/what inspired you to get into this industry?

In 2005 when I was visiting India, one day I woke up to my cousin playing Bohemia’s song ’Sahara’ on MTV India. It got my attention right away, that moment right there is when I realized… I am going to take this craft seriously and work harder on my skills. So, to answer your question, it was Bohemia that inspired me to get into the industry.

Tell us more about your music.

I make Desi hip-hop. I make ‘Hinglish’ Rap by combining Hindi and English lyrics, delivered with hip-hop rhythm and cadence. Being influenced by hip-hop music from an early age, and growing up in an Indian household I was influenced by a lot of Bollywood music. I take pride in making music which reflects my perspective on life by combining urban hip-hop culture and my Desi upbringing.

What has been your greatest accomplishment and greatest challenge?

As an independent artist, the greatest challenge so far has been getting the content out to the targeted audience. My greatest accomplishment thus far has been creating quality music and the right visuals to go along with it. I’m also really proud to be part of a team that’s passionate and driven towards the same goal.

Tell us more about your latest single ‘superstar’?

As I’m close to finishing up my album, my team proposed the idea we should have a track for the ladies. That’s when I decided to write the song with references to my personal relationships as well as on and off screen Bollywood actors/actresses that I watched as a kid.

What are your goals in the next 3 years?

We are forecasted to release more singles from my upcoming album, with a few credible Desi HipHop artists. I’ve also started on a new mix-tape project alongside, Toronto’s very own, DJ Kamran. Look out for it early 2018. I see myself within a year, performing to Desi audiences across the globe. And in the next three years, my goal is to make a mark, and brand Mili Soch as one of the best Desi HipHop artist, to ever do it.

Check out Mili Soch’s single ‘Superstar’: