The Mom Hat

It’s been a year, but I still feel like a newbie mom. My daughter is constantly changing and with all her changes, I must adapt…and quickly! One thing I realized in my first year of being a mom was that the mom hat seems to never come off. Even when she is sleeping, part of me is all ready to jump out of bed if I hear any sound coming from her crib. When I am out on my own, my husband or mom whatsapps me with a picture or a question regarding our little girl. The mommy hat, though pretty and pink, remains stationary on my head and it makes me realize how much my life has changed.

To be fair, I was warned of these life changes. When I was pregnant, people would congratulate me, give me a hug and say with conviction, “your life is about to change… forever!” I admit. I resisted that notion. I liked my life. A big life change to me meant something dramatic and unexpected. And that is exactly what having a baby was like.

Now it took some time to get used to this new mom hat. Sometimes I wanted to throw it off and run. It was overwhelming, scary and did I say overwhelming?! Dare I say that it was ever easy? The only thing I found was easy was in loving her unconditionally. The love I have for her was a love I never felt before. And that love grows every single day. The worries and frustrations quietly melt away when I see her smile or when she holds my hand. I realized that I couldn’t be frustrated for too long. That even in her crying her desire to have me hold her was a blessing. She needed me to have that hat on.

So after a year of ups and downs, dirty diapers, breastfeeding, vomiting and long nights, I can admittedly say that it was all worth it. I couldn’t imagine my life without my angel and my sturdy mommy hat! Even with my lovely hat on though, I do take more moments to do things such as watch a show, go on a date night, or do some creative work. And when I walk around town, I work my momma hat and make it part of my overall fashion statement! My life has changed … for the better!