Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Body This Fall

With fall officially here, our bodies are transitioning from warm to cold weather, which can bring on cold symptoms, chapped lips, dry skin and irritated airways. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to both prevent and reduce symptoms, all without having to visit the pharmacy.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Drink as many fluids as possible to help hydrate the body from the inside out. Water is best, but teas without caffeine and other non-alcoholic beverages are good too. Adding vitamin C from citrus fruits to your water is helpful for fighting off illness, and adding thicker sweeteners like honey can help coat a sore throat and reduce pain.

Boost your immune system. Your body can fight off illness if it has all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Think of nutrient-dense foods that your body can use to help make it stronger, like leafy greens or citrus fruits. Probiotics are also a great way to boost immunity, as your gut plays a huge role in keeping you healthy.

Humidify your air. Your face can be severely impacted by the cold fall and winter air, because it’s often exposed to the elements. Using a humidifier can help clear sinuses and add warm moisture to dry skin and lips. The Philips Humidifier Series 2000 is a great option as it uses a natural evaporation process, which draws in dry air, adds water molecules to the air, and emits humidified air into the room.


SOURCE: News Canada