“No Time” Workout

Let’s face it when life throws us a fast ball, the first thing to go is our workout. Whether it has to do with work deadlines, kids getting sick, they’re after school activities or any other unexpected events in our life. With this we decide that we just don’t have time to exercise. A week, or two or maybe a month goes by and we just can’t get the motivation to start exercising again.

Yes, you may not have time for your 45 minutes workout, but 10 to 15 minutes is better than nothing. Here are two quick and simple workouts you can alternate for 4 days or 6 days. You can also add it to your current workout if you have time.


Day 1: Upper body (dumbbells required)

Warm-up: march on the spot or go up and down stairs for 5 minutes. Make sure you are moving your arms as well.

Biceps curls: 20 times

Overhead triceps extension: 20 times

Lateral raises: 20 times

Shoulder blade squeeze: 20 times

Bench press: 20 times


Day 2: Lower body & core (dumbbells optional)

Warm-up: march on the spot or go up and down stairs for 5 minutes.

Wall-sit: 30 to 60 seconds

Alternating lunges: 25 each side

Squats: 25 times

Basic crunch: 25 times

Reverse crunch: 25 times

Bicycle: 20 times each side

Plank: 30 to 60 seconds


Cool-down: stretch all the major muscles you have used, holding each stretch for at least 20 to 30 seconds.


I’m not saying you have to exercise every day, we all have sleepless nights or just plain exhaustion. Therefore, do give yourself a break, but try not to let more than 3 days go by. Short workouts can keep you motivated and in the habit.