Nutritious On-The-Go Snack Ideas

Today, four of every ten Canadians use snacks as a meal replacement. Between a busy workday full of meetings and shuffling the kids around, it can be difficult fitting in full, proper meals into the day. And even if snacks are only between meal treats, it’s important to grab something that’s healthy, convenient, easy and portable.

One delicious food that hits the spot is fresh grapes from California. Pack grapes for work or a day trip in a plastic or reusable bag or container — grapes are remarkably durable and won’t brown or spoil during the day. Inherently shareable, grapes can also be eaten quietly in case you want to keep them all for yourself or sneak them into a movie theatre.

Here are some other great snack ideas:

  • Use a divided container to make a grape bento box: start with grapes and fill the other compartments with healthy bites like nuts, veggies and hummus to create a tasty and wholesome anytime meal.
  • Create a signature fresh trail mix with California grapes, cubes of cheese, roasted nuts, and raisins or other dried fruit. Bring enough to share with friends.
  • Enjoy the classic combo of fresh grapes, cheese and whole grain crackers.
  • Turn grapes into little bursts of revitalizing sorbet for a snack pick-me-up that rivals less healthy frozen treats. Quickly rinse, pat dry and freeze clusters or loose grapes in a bowl or on a baking sheet for a couple of hours until frozen. Combine red, green and black grapes for a super colourful treat.
  • Spread whole grain bread with a favorite nut butter and top with fresh grape halves.
  • Add grapes and chopped nuts to Greek yogurt.
  • Whip up a power smoothie with grapes, spinach, yogurt, orange juice and a dash of protein powder.


SOURCE: News Canada