Parineeti Chopra On Love

Parineeti Chopra talks about love and relationships.

The spunky and spirited Parineeti Chopra on love, crushes and relationships.

Parineeti Chopra is currently shooting in Ooty with Ajay Devgn for a romantic track in Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again. The “long-term-kind-of-girl” asserts that everyone should fall in love as the experience shapes and rewards you. The actress, who was earlier linked to her director Maneesh Sharma, lets her guard down and shares her take on love and relationship. Over to her…

How do you prioritize your career and your relationship with someone special?

For me, it’s 50-50. My work life and relationships are balanced out. My personal life is as important as my work and that is because career is there right now and maybe there for the next 10-25 or I don’t know how many years. But your life, your relationships, your love life, boyfriend, husband, children — whatever your absolute immediate family is, that will remain all your life. So, I make a conscious decision, even against the wishes of others, that my personal life is in order always. I can’t only work or only concentrate on my personal life. I have to have a healthy and balanced work and personal life.

What kind of love do you connect to?

I am more for the Abhimanyu-kind-of-love, which Ayushmann Khurrana portrayed in my last film Meri Pyaari Bindu — a very romantic kind of love, where he is in love with a girl right from day one and will probably be in love with her till the day he dies. I am that kind of a person. I always try and invest in long-term relationships. It’s never fleeting or just for a day or night…

Please continue…

I am quite the planner and very disciplined and responsible, sorted, and more consistent in my love life. I have never been reckless in my relationships. I am not like Bindu was — a person, who hops from one relationship to the other. I am the long-term-kind-of-girl.

You have always made an extra effort to keep your relationships under wraps. Comment…

It’s not been an effort but it just has to do with the timing. I am not secretive. I am an open person, but it’s just that I have not felt that the timing has ever been right to come out into the open. Whenever I do feel the time is right, I will come out and talk about my love life.

Do you remember your first crush and your first love?

Oh yes! Love is very different from crush. I can have a crush on anybody, who says something funny, smart or smells nice. It’s more of an attraction than an actual crush. But I am not the sort to stalk the boy – that’s not going to happen! Crushes keep happening all the time. My first love was when I was 22 and yes, who can forget your first love right? It completely changed my life and shaped the person that I am today.

Was he connected to films?

I don’t want to get into all those details because it doesn’t matter today. But I will say this – the feeling of being in love with somebody is one of the most selfless feelings. I feel that everyone should fall in love. If it works out great, and if it doesn’t work out great even then, but falling in love rewards you, teaches you, shapes you… because that is in our DNA… Oh Wow!

It’s clichéd but I will ask you – are you single?

(Laughs) I am single till the time I announce any relationship.

Have you ever thought of cutting your own album?

I don’t know if it will be an album but I definitely want to sing many songs. When I was recording Maana… I really wanted to see if people accepted my voice and me as a singer, like they accepted me as an actor. The song has become a big hit and that has given me the confidence to sing many more. A lot of singers and music directors have reached out to me about recording songs. I will get into it soon and start working on my set of songs.

What about a duet with your cousin Priyanka Chopra?

That would be a dream come true for me. It’s a dream for me to do something with her. It will be good fun!

If you had to choose between recording an album and shooting for a film, what would you choose?

No. I would try and do both! There are no more thoughts about it. I will work day and night and do double shifts and do both.