Perfect Mother’s Day  

Make this Mother’s Day to remember.


Tips for dads to plan the perfect Mother’s Day

With mom’s special day just around the corner, dads and partners can use these simple tips to prepare for a day she won’t soon forget.

  1. Create a homemade DIY gift. Moms love receiving a gift with a personal touch from the kids, so spend an afternoon with them making something she’ll love. Thoughtful ideas include a card with the kids’ handprints, a vase you all decorate together, or family picture mounted on a hand-painted frame.
  2. Bake while she sleeps. Think moms dream of breakfast in bed? Most moms really just want time to sleep in, roll out of bed, and take a luxurious hot shower or bath. Instead of waking her up with breakfast, let her do her thing while you keep the kids entertained by cooking with them in the kitchen. Bake a delicious treat she can enjoy for brunch whenever she’s ready. Powerful and easy-to-use, the Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer is great for making sweet treats, soft breads and salty favourites. It also comes with a recipe booklet with step-by-step instructions, meaning you can master whatever dish she loves.
  3. Remember — it’s all about her. Just because it’s Mother’s Day doesn’t mean she wants or needs to spend all day with the kids. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant for dinner and let her decide what she wants to do the rest of the time. Whether that’s spending the day in bed with a book and wine, seeing a movie with friends, or going to the spa, let her know you’ll hold down the fort while she’s doing whatever she pleases. Bonus points if you do some laundry or fix that thing she’s been asking you to for months.


SOURCE: News Canada