Phoolan Devi

The Women’s Art Association of Canada is hosting an art auction fundraising event on April 9th, at 23 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto.

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The proceeds of the auction will be used for the production of a documentary film about one of the most remarkable women of our time, Phoolan Devi. Phoolan Devi was a poor village girl, a gang rape survivor, a famous bandit leader, and a parliamentarian. Her life is truly the stuff of legend.

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Anyone who cares about women’s rights should attend.

With this film our aim is to inform and inspire. Phoolan Devi is almost unknown outside of India. Her story of resistance and transformation, however, is more relevant and urgent than ever. That is why the director, Hossein Fazeli, and producer, Jack Silberman, have teamed up to finally bring Phoolan’s true life story to international audiences.

Photo of the Director

You can watch the trailer of the film by clicking on the link below:

The production team of this film has collectively won more than 100 international awards for their films.

The director of the film will be present at the auction and will be leading a discussion and answering questions surrounding the significance of the film.

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