Pink Champagne Tresses

This bubbly-inspired hair colour is the hottest summer style.

Bright pastel hues have been trending for a while now. Taking the trend up a notch is the latest hair colour fad — pink champagne hair. Similar to the drink that’s a summer brunch favourite, this can either be a strawberry blonde colour, or balayage strands of subtle pink incorporated in brunette locks for some added depth. The look originally gained traction when London- based stylist Sapphire Driver posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Match your pink champagne to your hair.” Similar to last year’s rose gold locks, this one gives a classy touch to experimenting with vivid colours.

More wearable trend

Amanda Carvalho, Salon art director, A’Kreations Hair & Beyond says pink champagne hair is a perfect blend for someone who wants their hair colour to be bright and also wants it to have a rainbow tone without it being too loud. “What makes it popular is the fact that the colour is not too out there and hence makes it more wearable. It also ensures that one doesn’t get too restricted with colour coding their clothes. The number of women wanting to do something different and fun is definitely increasing. They are moving out of their comfort zone and experimenting like never before with colours. Champagne pink could be blended in with few other tones of pink in the hair to add dimension. Panels of fuchsia pink can be added across a global champagne pink to create drama. Another option is just the fringe being coloured champagne pink while the rest of the hair could be a magenta red/deep plum (like a two-dimensional technique) which would be such a head turner.”

Choose the right shade

Anisha Fernandes Tavares, Senior stylist, Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salon says this is a pretty summer hair colour. “Your stylist should first determine if your skin falls under the cool tone or warm tone, so one can opt for a blonde pink, a rose gold or a warm dark pink accordingly. Pink works well with an ombré effect or as some highlights or placements to get a hue of the colour. While there’s no specific age group it’s meant for, it really depends on the person, it’s more a personality thing.”

Pastel influence

This season witnessed diverse trends and pastels is one of the most preferred trends internationally, feels Nitin Manchanda, Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Professional India. “A palette of soft pastel hues like strawberry blonde to tones of peach are amongst the most desirable shades. These tones are becoming popular amongst Indian women as well and can be adapted based on an individual’s hair and skin tones. The key to achieving the right colour shade is to get the right undertone. So ensure you pre-lighten the hair to a pale yellow before depositing the colour,” says Nitin.