Post-Holiday Shopping Guide

My name is Saira Hayat Khan – and I presently have a shopping addiction – that I am living out – BECAUSE THE SALES ARE JUST TOO GOOD! Welcome to literally the most wonderful time of the year – January! This is when all retailers are attempting to rid themselves of last year’s inventory, so that they can replenish their aisles with new seasonal goods. I promise that I look forward to this month in particular – all year long. So join me as I educate you on the best sales taking place RIGHT NOW!

The first place I have to vent and rejoice over is – Zara. Zara pulls out everything you’ve basically purchased over the course of the year and puts it on sale, right after the holidays. Yes, this is great for some, but for an avid Zara shopper, it rages me as well. Pieces I have already purchased (full price) are marked down drastically and sizes are usually available! If you order over $50 worth, shipping is free and with a store like this, I’m sure every order of yours will obtain free shipping.

Forever 21 – although almost 30, I still find myself shopping here. Listen up ladies, I am about to give you some of the best advice you’ve received all year. SIGN UP FOR THEIR NEWSLETTER. Frequently, I get coupon codes up to 75% off on already marked down prices and these codes are only valid for 12 hours. The sales are impeccable and the variety is endless. The only downfall about these sales is that the website is ridiculously slow when it receives high traffic. Lastly – if you shop up to $60 and above, free shipping!!

Last but not by any means least has to be H&M. My life mission is to never buy any full pop from H&M. This vendor in specific has the highest mark-up I’ve ever seen. It is never smart to buy something from here at regular price, because it is almost a guarantee that you will find the same item at a mere $15, the following week. However, because of the current blow out sale taking place now, all sale items are priced at $30 and below, making a trip out there worthwhile. Unfortunately, H&M doesn’t do online shopping, so you’ll have to make the trek out to the location nearest you. I would also advise to visit multiple locations, because each store has different sales. Happy shopping!!