Potty Training 101

One of the biggest milestones of bringing up our toddlers is potty training. This is teaching your child how to use the comfort room by himself. Most parents say that training their children how to poo by themselves is a hard task. However to some parents, this is not the case. In reality, this task can be quite easy if you know the right methods to use.

Why do some parents find potty training hard?

One of the reasons why some parents find it hard to train their children how to use the bathroom is because they try and force them. Potty training is a major phase of a toddler’s life. It is not determined by age. It is also not a contest. The most important thing to remember and to determine is the toddlers’ readiness to do the task.

You will be able to determine this by asking yourself some questions that you may already know answers to, such as:

  • Does your child seem to have interest in doing it by themselves?
  • Does your child give you signals every time they want to do it?
  • Does he seem interested in the potty or the bowl?
  • Does he feel uncomfortable with his diaper?
  • Does he know how to pull down his underwear?

As a parent, you should be able to answer most of these questions. If the answer to all the above- mentioned questions is yes then it signals that your child is already fit to do the training.

How do you teach your child to do it?

1.) Communication. Talking to your child is the first crucial step in teaching them how to use the bathroom correctly. This is the only way to make them understand why they should be doing it. Without making them understand, they will find is hard to work out why they should to do it. So talk to them. Introduce the comfort room to them. Show them where the bowl is and how to flush it. The flush is actually a big factor in potty training. This is because of the cool whooshing sound it makes. Children get excited when they hear it so it makes them excited to go and pee and the CR.

2.) Visuals. Children are very visual. They will learn and follow instructions faster if they are provided with images and pictures. Show them stickers and diagrams so they will learn immediately.

3.) No Diaper Rule. This is one of the hardest parts in the drill. It may make your floors wet. You will have to clean over and over again but this is one of the greatest steps that will definitely help them learn quickly. Do not let them wear diapers and underwear when at home. This will make them think where else to put their waste. They will then look for a new place to pee or poo.

While sleeping, do not put on diapers either, so when they pee in the bed, they will feel the discomfort. This will probably make them call on you to wake up. This is the perfect timing to reinforce to them to pee in the CR so they will not wet their beds.

4.) Appreciation and Rewards. Children want to be appreciated and praised all the time so every time they do it, praise them by clapping your hands, saying “wow” or congratulate them with rewards. These are the four easy rules you have to remember when training your child how to use the CR. Hopefully by following these simple steps; your child will be potty trained in no time at all.

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