Priyanka Chopra’s Knockout Performance in Mary Kom

“I love coming to Toronto, it’s like another home.” But being stuck outside in a traffic jam, after a delayed flight, Priyanka is seen running (and sweating!) down Bay St. to get to the press conference for her newest films’ world premiere at the TIFF… Just another day in the life of the 2000 Miss World turned Bollywood super-starlet.

"Mary Kom" Press Conference - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Mary Kom is possibly the largest stretch and her most adventurous role to date; this time telling the true story of the title character- the 5 time Amateur World Boxing Champion and only ever female, Indian, Olympian who won bronze at the 2012 Games.

The story follows Mary throughout her career through highs and lows and has emotional and personal triumphs along the way. The role allows Priyanka to really show her range of acting skills both physical and emotional.  She trained hard for months to get the right look and the ease and fluidity of movement. All whilst dealing with her father’s serious illness and then death 4 days before the grueling shoot began. “I think I channeled all my grief into this movie and that’s what drove me.” 

When asked what she felt she had learned from the making of the film Priyanka said “This is a story for everyone out there who says “no one has a right to say my dreams aren’t achievable”. I am grateful that Mary chose me to tell her story.”

Omung Kumar (known for being the production designer and art director for Black (2005) and Saawariya (2007)) is in his directorial debut, and said that Priyanka was his first and only choice for the role, having seen her previous work. Kumar chose to tell Mary’s story because “I wanted to make something concrete, something I would be proud of, to make a film that would make people stand up and notice.”

"Mary Kom" Press Conference - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Credit: Jason Merrit, WireImage/Getty for TIFF

Priyanka hopes that Mary Kom will break down gender barriers and allow more opportunities for Indian actresses.  With executive production by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, this is sure to be a major success.

"Mary Kom" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival"Mary Kom" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival"Mary Kom" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
Mary Kom TIFF Red Carpet | Credit: Philip Cheung, WireImage/Getty for TIFF

        Knockout Round: Did You Know Priyanka Chopra…

  • Has the most twitter followers of any Indian actress
  • Was always on the move as a child- both her parents were Indian Army physicians (she even spent 3 years living in the USA)
  • Began her music career in 2012 when became the first Bollywood star signed by Creative Artists Agency (an LA based entertainment and sports agency)
  • Has worked with and PitBull on 2 of her songs
  • Wrote an issue based opinion column in The Hindustan Times for 2 years
  • Has been a UNICEF ambassador since 2008
  • Was the 1st ever Indian Guess model
  • Is the queen of brand endorsements in India, ranking 2nd to Shahrukh Khan