Raveena Tandon’s Powerful and Compelling Maatr Trailer 2 Will Choke You!

Raveena Tandon, you have to do more films now!

Raveena Tandon is possibly one of the very few actresses from the ’90s who was successful both in getting critically acclaimed films and the box office blockbusters to her credit. While there was a Dulhe Raja on one hand, there was also a Daman on the other, an Aks to boast of and a Mohra to get the audiences swooning.

Now, Raveena’s back and how! The first theatrical trailer of Maatr, released a few weeks back sent shivers down our spine. Powerful, gritty and extremely poignant and socially relevant, Maatr is the need of the hour. With a small budgeted film like this, there’s only much push you can give through promotions. But when the content is as great as this, it doesn’t need anything but a few strong promos.

The makers have now unveiled the second theatrical promo of the film, giving a little more insight into the world of Raveena – the revengeful mother avenging her daughter’s murder and rape. She is powerful in every scene and the trailer raises a toast to the indomitable spirit of women and their never dying attitude. We wonder why a powerful performer like Raveena isn’t doing more films.

This promo is proof enough that the people still go gaga over Ravs and she can brilliantly essay any role with aplomb. With Maatr ready for release later this week, we hope Raveena hears our plea and does more films now!