Ready for that rushed day

Has there ever been a time when you know that you have to look your best, but you know you will not have time that day to do everything? Well then why not plan ahead. Planning ahead is a great skill to have. Here are some tips to get you ready for that rushed meeting or date:

Check the weather for that day and plan your outfit. Plan everything: bra, shirt, pants, jacket and shoes. Make sure you try everything on and if something needs to be ironed make sure you do it ahead of time.

Have all your make-up ready for that day. Put it in a make-up bag, just in case you don’t have time to do it at home. You can always do it in a public restroom.

The night before take some time out to wash your hair, shave your legs and so forth. And know how you are going to do your hair.

Last but not least, make sure you have the address of where you need to be. You are ready for your rushed day!