Room to Grow

Redesign your child’s room as they grow into their teen years.

Create a Customized Space for Your Teen

As your child grows into adolescence, so too will their need for personal space. While this may be cause for trepidation, it can create a unique opportunity to get to know them better.

Invite your teen to work with you to redesign their room. This shared project can be a creative and fun way to get in touch with their changing tastes, needs and personality. The time spent together will make it a worthwhile experience, while at the same time validating your child’s desire for greater individuality and, eventually, a little more independence.

Here are some quick tips to achieve a room you’ll both love:

  1. Be ready to compromise on colour, within reason. Let your teen express their personality by selecting a palette that makes them feel comfortable and inspired. Brighten darker palettes with accessories to create pops of dramatic colour.
  1. Let the décor grow up. Don’t take it personally if your teen wants to pack away sentimental childhood mementos. Box them up as a treasure they’ll rediscover when they’re older.
  1. Consider soundproofing. Teens can be noisy, with music, online chats, video games and when hanging out with friends. Use a sound-proofing insulation for their walls, like Roxul Safe ‘n’ Sound. It will provide additional privacy you may both welcome.
  1. Create organization. While their room may not stay perfectly tidy, increase the likelihood with easy-to-use storage solutions. Fabric bins, seating with storage, or a colourful hamper can cut down on the disarray.
  1. Practice patience and good communication. Once thing is certain: whether it’s their room or their world, not everything will go to plan. Just like the terrible twos, you’ll get through the taxing teen stage, as well. Teens may sometimes close their door, but they should definitely know that yours is always open.


Courtesy of: NEWS CANDA