Sai Suman

Imaginative! Glamourous! Eccentric! Unique!

All these words have been used to describe the fabulous fashion designer Sai Suman.


Blending western culture with traditional Indian style is Suman’s passion. With her unique bold and vibrant designs its no surprise she has designed for Bollywood actresses, television stars, and musicians. You have seen her clothing in music videos, on magazine covers as well as on glamourous red carpets.

Her design journey started at the National Institute of Fashion and Technology in Mumbai. Suman went on to become a design consultant then a stylist for media including for Bollywood films and has now become a success designer and entrepreneur for her own brand.

Sai Suman’s talent and vision has made her an international success. Fashion connoisseurs from Australia to Dubai to the USA have all become enchanted with her whimsical style and creations. She was awarded ‘Fashion Designer for 2013’ at the Dubai Fashion Awards as well as ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Excellence in Designing’ at the Global Achievers Awards in Bangkok in May 2013.

image12Recently Sai Suman brought new pride and prestige for India in the international arena. She achieved a new milestone by being the first Indian designer to showcase her collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Awards held in Europe where she presented her gorgeous gowns and men’s suits as part of her ‘Exotic Jungle’ collection.


The Australian rainforest’s vibrant flora and fauna inspired ‘Exotic Jungle’. As with all her collections Suman challenges the imagination and brings fantasy alive into wearable pieces of art.
image17She takes you on a journey through the wild by igniting your senses with amazing animal prints, cultivated combinations of fabric from silk to sheers to leather and her use of vivid greens, bold reds and deep purples.

Her out-of- the box wanderlust took you on a journey where models walked the runway dressed in feathers, flowers and vines matched with sequins and silk all formed around caged hoop skirts and headpieces.


With Sai Suman’s savvy style, futuristic vision for fashion and originality her designs are sure to be true jewels of the runway for a longtime to come.