Second Honeymoon by James Patterson – A Name Could Cost You Your Life


A thriller to the core! James Patterson is an expert when it comes to serial killings and most of his novels revolve around one. This book is no exception! It’s an interesting read with good amount of mystery, murders, power, revenge and a love triangle added in. I have not read the first part of this book and didn’t realize it was a sequel, but never mind it is a good read on its own.

The story begins with, as name suggests, a young couple madly in love on their honeymoon. They rarely venture out of their room and finally when they enter the sauna, they are murdered. They see the murderer but can’t save themselves. Soon the story takes a turn and there is not just this killer but potentially someone else, who escapes from the mental health hospital to take his revenge and goes on a killing spree. He is out to kill people named John O’Hara, but that’s also the name of the FBI agent, who is at brink of a make or break situation in his career and has been referred to a psychiatrist by his boss.

Things aren’t going smooth for John, who is still struggling to forgive the person responsible for his wife’s death. Soon agent John is called upon by the multi-billionaire father of the young couple that were murdered on their honeymoon to find the murderer. As John sets out to find this killer, he soon realizes that the murder was probably not a random act but a revenge someone wanted to take with the father. John comes back home only to find a copy of stolen Bible in his mail, with a piece missing, which turns out to be a threat. He is glad that his boys are out on a camping trip for a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, Sarah, another FBI agent is struggling with her personal life and boyfriends. Soon she is tasked by the President himself, to find the serial killer who is out to kill, John O’Hara, which also happens to be President’s brother-in-law’s name. Sarah is quick, sharp and determined to find the killer. Soon she makes a breakthrough and starts following the clues that the killer is leaving behind. She is so engrossed in the clues and making sense out of it, that it takes some time for her to realize when the killer comes over to meet her and buys her a drink in the bar later at night.

Will Sarah and John come together to solve this mystery? Will the second honeymoon actually happen in the story? How many more young couples will die before the murderer is caught? Will the O’Hara murderer manage to kill the real victim he has his eyes set on? All this and a lot more will be revealed as the pages turn and plot unfolds. Overall a good book, which a mystery lover can finish in one go, it’s just one of those kinds that you start and then can’t put down so finish them up in a day or so.