Seven Tips for Throwing the Perfect Green Summer Party

Warmer weather and lighter summer schedules make it the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a big soirée, an eco-friendly summer party is great for the environment. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation offers creative ways to help you throw a fun green summer party.

• Create coffee tables for drinks and snacks using leftover wood pallets from your local hardware or grocery store. Stack a few pallets on top of each other and top with a few trays to make a great outdoor table, or add patio cushions and pillows for extra seating.

• Add country flair by drinking out of mason jars. Serve drinks using pitchers instead of single-serve packages, which can be an extra cost and create waste.

• Source locally crafted beer and wine, as well as produce, seafood and meat where possible.

• Decorate with potted plants or herbs that can be added to your garden after the party or given to guests as mementos.

• Light up the night and save energy by using solar or LED outdoor lighting options. A single LED light lasts up to 25,000 hours while an incandescent lightbulb lasts about 1,500 hours.

• Looking to dress up your tables with centre pieces? Use potted plants in decorative containers and offer them as gifts or prizes for your guests to take home.

• Don’t forget to offer recycling and composting options for eco-friendly waste disposal.