Shahid Afridi, Pakistani Cricketer and Philanthropist Welcomed to Toronto

Shahid Afridi meets with Mayor John Tory and Councillor Neethan Shan.

Toronto Councillor, Neethan Shan welcomes Shahid Afridi to Toronto City Hall.

Recently, World-renowned Pakistani cricket superstar and longtime philanthropist, Shahid Afridi visited City Hall last week to meet with Mayor John Tory and Councillor Neethan Shan.

Afridi came to Toronto to connect and engage meaningfully with South Asian Canadian communities.

He was promoting awareness around the work of his not-for-profit organization, Shahid Afridi Foundation as well as highlighting the growing interest in cricket in Toronto and Canada overall.

Founded in 2014, the Shahid Afridi Foundation provides healthcare and education facilities, such as water wells, schools, and hospitals, to some of Pakistan’s most underserved communities.

“As Toronto’s only South Asian Councillor, I am honoured to receive Shahid Afridi here at our City Hall. Afridi is not only a cricket champion but a dedicated humanitarian.  He has a deep sense of compassion which allows him to serve his fellow human beings with generosity”, said Councillor Shan.

“We are growing as a cricket playing nation in Canada. We have a very diverse Canadian cricket team made up of players with origins from all parts of the world. So when we bring cricket into Toronto, it actually reflects what Toronto is all about,” Shan added.