Staying in Season

Although there are a number of popular winter fruits and vegetables my favourite ones seem to be clementine and buttercup squash. Clementine’s are nice and small to throw in your lunch bag and quick and easy to eat for a snack. Squash soup on a cold winter day seems to be the perfect comfort food to warm you up. These two seasonal foods also have great health benefits that you might not know about.


  • Excellent source of the B-vitamin complex, which includes folate or folic acid
  • High in potassium and low in sodium, perfect for heart health
  • High in beta-carotene which is a form of vitamin A, making them great for eyes, skin, and heart
  • High in vitamin C which is a natural water-soluble antioxidant, great for the immune system
  • Great source of fibre and water, which helps keep the digestive system healthy
  • Low in calories, making them a great snack

2Buttercup squash

  • Contains a huge amount of beta-carotene (vitamin A)
  • Contains significant levels of folate
  • Great source of B-complex vitamins
  • The combination of magnesium and potassium found in squash is great for heart health
  • Different varieties of squash contain high levels of iron and copper
  • Squash also contains vitamin C, magnesium, and other antioxidant compounds

So the next time you are at the grocery store don’t forget these 2 health foods. Throw some clementines in your lunch bag and start cooking that squash casserole or soup for those cold winter days.