Steps Towards Cleansing Your Inner Garbage

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It’s that time of the year when the shimmering sun inspires us to de-clutter our homes. But how often have we been motivated to clean up the dust bunnies which walk in with a permanent residence card in our emotional spaces. Don’t we all want to amble into a mental closet that is sparkling enough to smile through this season? Here’s a quick check list to give you a jump-start on some inner world clean-up.

Spell out your inner truth (to yourself)

When was the last time you were emotionally honest to yourself? The problem is we carry all kinds of colourful trunks on our shoulders — of being compassionate, kind, caring, loving — and then we toil day and night scrubbing it sparkling clean. Why? Because we have to ensure everything looks good and perfect. I was never the one to embrace the so-called ‘negative’ emotions. Because, one, I am not supposed to be jealous or angry or hurt. And hence, two, I believed I was too good to feel the presence of any of those emotions. But, thanks to the teachings of Sri Bhagavan, founder of Oneness University, and the Oneness Gita classes conducted by Sri Balagopal (a Oneness Teacher), I have learned to acknowledge what I feel and become conscious of the feelings I deny. Articulating what you feel within brings a huge sense of relief. And that’s why don’t be afraid to spell out what you really feel inside. Shout, yell, bawl, cry. Release it.

Go on an inner world excursion

Machu Pichu trek – check, Grand Canyon hike – check, Northern Lights – check. But a trip to the inner world is never on any of our travel bucket lists. We are too afraid to get in touch with our multihued thoughts and feelings. We are surrounded by so much external chatter that it’s often difficult to get in touch with the chatter within. Cultivate some quiet time. Take a day off to go on an inner world picnic, just with yourself. Sit by the shore, or perch yourself on the top of a mountain, or just sit in a coffee shop, and relish it. And no, retail therapy doesn’t equal to quiet time. It only pulls you further away from experiencing your inner world. Pen down the events of your life that have affected you. How did you respond to them and how do you feel about it now? Have you been able to let go? Reflect on the goals you had set, how far have you reached and where have you fallen off the boat. Basically, take stock of your life.

Keep a gratitude journal

Gratitude is not merely an act of thankfulness; it is being aware of the small and big joys, and the countless blessings that come our way. Not just in life-changing situations, but in mundane activities too. Maintain a journal and write down all the positive events of your day. What made you happy? Who heard you out? What made you feel less stressed? Ask these questions, and you will have enough to be thankful for. If you still don’t have a reason to say thank you, I suggest you do what my Oneness teacher Sri Balagopal tells me — be thankful that you are alive today.

The bottomline is that if you spend time planting seeds and bulbs to brighten up your home garden, make a commitment to your inner garden as well. Water it, and nurture it. You will be amazed by the treasure within.



  1.  Spend some quality time with yourself. Pen down life events that transformed you.
  2. At the end of the day, write down how you felt through the day.
  3. Do not be afraid to acknowledge what you feel within — whatever it may be.



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