Stressless Morning!

You wake up 20 minutes late and you have to get the kids ready, yourself ready, pack everyone’s bag, make lunches, get breakfast on the table and get the kids in all their winter outdoor clothing. Wow, that extra 20 minutes can go a long way. Waking up late had left you all flustered and in a bad mood with everyone around you. I’ve been there and then once I get to work ON TIME, I think about how I left my kids, all in a hurry and in a bad mood. Then the rest of the day I spend feeling bad for my little kids and thinking if only I wasn’t so stressed.

Is it really the end of the world if my daughter is 5 minutes late for school or if I’m 5 minutes late for work? Probably not. Also, does all that stress really make us go faster? No it doesn’t. It is possible to move faster and stay calmer at the same time.

To make your morning smooth try these tips:

  • Have lunches packed the night before
  • Have everyone’s clothes all laid out the night before
  • School bags should be ready to go (i.e. notes to teacher, library book…)
  • Have your work bag ready to go
  • If possible have part of the breakfast ready (i.e. fruit washed and cut up in the fridge, table set…)

Also, if you are running late play a game with your kids. Say to them, “Let’s see who can get dressed the fastest”. They will move fast and love every minute of it.

Last but not least, whatever time it is don’t ever forget to give your loved ones a smile, kiss and hug bye! Everyone will have a much better day.