Style Ivy is Your Key To Confidence and Beauty in 2016


2016 is going to be your year!! The way to get started is to enroll in the new e-course Style Ivy. Style Ivy is a brand new and dynamic interactive e-course designed to help women find their personal brand so they can feel beautiful everyday. It was designed for women who are looking to shake up their current style and develop their personal brand. If you are a young professional that is seeking your first job, a mom re-entering the working world, a single looking for Mr. Right, a couple moving into retirement or a modern woman juggling a million and one things on a daily basis this e-course is for you!

LazinaThe mastermind behind this innovative program is the exceptional Edmonton based style consultant Lazina McKenzie. Lazina is an MBA graduate who founded a successful style consulting business, L Squared Style. As of January 12th she is expanding her services to include to reach many more women in Canada, and abroad, who are seeking a positive change in personal style and beauty.

Once enrolled you will move through 5 weeks of lessons with Lazina. She will show you how to access and develop your personal brand. Style Ivy is about finding your authentic self and that will emerge through a series of questions and assignments. Lazina wholeheartedly believes aligning your goals with your appearance is the formula for success. She passionately lazina workingexplains that how you put yourself forward will change your future, as you will become more confident and comfortable in your own body. When you are comfortable with yourself you will exude confidence and attract positivity into your life.

The e-course is a perfect way to start the New Year for the amazing budget friendly price of $150.00. There are 10 lessons that will take place over 5 weeks and the course is mobile and tablet friendly so even the busiest among us can be styled from anywhere, anytime. For those who also want a personal touch there is the opportunity to have a 90 minute personal session as well as 5 opportunities for Q&A so you will have some personal touch points over the 5 weeks.

The lessons will reveal the values that are important to you, what motivates you, why you dressed the way you did as a child and much more. These types of personal discoveries will lead to a deeper understanding of your style, and what really make you feel beautiful, so you can look and feel fantastic everyday. Going through the steps of the e-course will teach you how to shop for items that give meaning and purpose to your life.

Style Ivy LogoStyle Ivy gives all women the chance to feel confident and gorgeous everyday by learning new ways to style themselves for their personal objectives and branding. If you are going through a transition in your life, or looking to improve your personal style in 2016 look no further. Go to and let Lazina McKenzie guide you to your most beautiful you