Your Summer Beauty Routine

Okay let’s get real. All winter you’ve ignored unexposed parts of your body that won’t be seeing the light of day and neglected ALL forms of maintenance. And now that we are in the belly of summer – your feet aren’t looking right, your summer glow is tainted, and your hair is just dead and dry. You have a little over a month to maximize your summer game, so is it too late to change your daily routine? A seasonable beauty haul is necessary.

First things first, how is your body feeling and looking? Is a full body exfoliation in order? Getting a great natural scrub should be one of the first things to acquire to rid you of dry skin and self-tanner. Follow a nice scrub with a cold or mild shower as hot water can irritate freshly polished skin.
For me, personally, the most important aspect of my daily look is my hair. If I feel a mess – my hair is a mess. If I feel like putting in some effort into my day – that will show through my hairstyle. After a harsh winter – the dehydration level of my hair is on another level. Hair treatments should be a regular part of your routine but getting a nice restorative mask. Depending on your hair type, find one that will replenish and revitalize your strands to look and feel their best.

Lastly, a daily routine that is hard to adapt (well for me at least) is the regular use of sun screen. Fun fact of the day – you should be applying a shot glass worth of sun screen (minimum) on your body a day! There are several side effects of chronic daily sun exposure and this is one habit you will thank me for down the road.   It is important to remember to wear a minimum of 15 SPF on your face and a minimum of 30 SPF on your body. There are so many different types that are now available, so experiment and find one that works well with your skin care regimen.

Be mindful that seasonal wear and tear is common, but it is what we do to prevent, protect and maintain our temple that is imperative. We can opt for weekly mani/pedi sessions, different hair colours or a cost effective skin care routine, with summer comes new climate and hopefully new regimens!