Surprising health challenges as we get older

As we get older we can begin to experience health problems as our bodies change. Not everyone will experience them. But some medical conditions become more common or more serious after we get a few decades under our belts. Here are some common issues that often accompany aging, and what you can do about them.

Constipation. Almost half of us suffer with this condition at least once a year. It can be caused by travel, disability, hospital stays, medications or other things. Since 86 per cent of Canadians prefer to relieve conditions without prescription medication, it’s worth trying a gentle laxative such as Senokot tablets. Made with natural senna, a plant that’s known to manage and relieve constipation, the tablets work overnight for gentle relief.

Weight gain. Racking up those birthday candles comes with the perfect trifecta for putting on extra pounds — muscle loss, less exercise and your body burning fewer calories than it used to for any physical activity you do. But being overweight isn’t just about appearances, as it can lead to diabetes, heart disease and more. To manage your weight, try improving your diet and getting regular exercise through a combination of short bursts (like taking the stairs) and planned workouts.

Fragile bones. Bone density drops as we get older, and many seniors can even get osteoporosis, especially women who have had children. Combine this with balance issues and falling becomes more likely, which can lead to breaks and fractures. Fortunately, you can help keep your bones strong by exercising, especially with weights; eating foods that are high in calcium and avoiding excess alcohol and smoking.

Source: News Canada