Take A Load Off With These Laundry Hacks

Wash, dry, fold, repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Save time and energy in your laundry room with these simple tips from the laundry pros at GE Appliances:

  1. Adopt a basket system

Hate sorting laundry? Adopt a basket system for your darks, lights and whites to sort clothes as you go so it’s less of a chore come laundry day.

  1. Master the settings

Sometimes, the best time-saving techniques are already built right into your appliances. The new GE Designer Line washing machine is a top-load laundry pair with all of the functionality you can expect in a front load. As an example, this pair has a stain removal feature with pre-programmed settings for the five most common stains: tomato, wine, blood, grass and dirt.

  1. Think inside out

Faded clothing is the worst. To keep your darks the darkest they can be, wash your clothes inside out.

  1. On a tight schedule?

If your wet clothes are taking forever to dry, speed things up by simply adding a dry towel to the load.

  1. Never lose a sock again

Don’t you hate it when your sock disappears into the laundry vortex and you’re left with mismatched pairs? Avoid the frustration by using safety pins to keep socks tied together as they wash.

Get more great laundry tips and learn more about the GE laundry collection -at geappliances.ca.

Source: www.newscanada.com