Take Christmas With You

Travelling over the holidays can be a fun and adventurous way to spend Christmas with your family, but leaving home doesn’t have to mean leaving the holidays behind.  Here are a few simple ways you can take Christmas with you on vacation – enjoying the holidays with minimal stress and maximum cheer!

Take a tree

No, I’m not suggesting that you take a pre-lit 6 foot tree with you on vacation.  But even a small 6-12 inch Christmas tree can add holiday cheer to any hotel room.  They pack up small, but they add a big punch.  A handful of decorations on such a small tree go a long way – think tinsel and ribbons, that take up almost no room in a suitcase but look festive on the tree.

Decorate your surroundings

Just because you are in a hotel room doesn’t mean you can’t add your own festive spin.  A couple of small garlands, a few hanging balls and mistletoe travel light can add a warm festive feel to any resort vacation.  A little red and green goes a long way!

Bring gifts

Perhaps your family has opted not to exchange gifts this year, and you used the funds for the family vacation instead.  It’s an excellent way to use your resources, but it may not feel like Christmas without presents to unwrap on Christmas morning.  Bring small, thoughtful gifts for your loved ones and surprise them on Christmas morning.  Things like someone’s favourite chocolate, new sandals for the sand, or a new pair of sunglasses to enjoy on vacation are inexpensive and small enough to take with you, but the sentiment is huge and heartfelt.

Leaving home for the holidays doesn’t have to mean leaving Christmas behind.  Use these small ideas to start simple and new family traditions to enjoy Christmas abroad.