Take the Challenge

If you always find that you are big on New Year’s Resolutions, but year after year you find yourself doing really well for only the first few weeks, then let’s make 2016 a keeper. Yes, it can be hard, but at the same time it’s always nice to start the New Year with new goals and new changes. This year let’s change things up a little; instead of making big or many changes at once try something a little simpler and stick with one goal at a time.

This can be difficult, because sometimes our mind tells us that we can do so much at once and really what is just one goal. The thing is right now you may feel that you have the time and of course you are highly motivated. However, what will happen when the holidays are over, you’re back to work and of course unexpected things come up. That is when we tend to feel overwhelmed and lose motivation. Not only does one goal disappear but all of them disappear and we are left feeling down. Is this feeling really worth it? Of course not, so let’s pick one goal at a time and make it work!

Your goal can be anything you want. So, take a few minutes to decide what your goal is. Here are examples of goals that you might use for your challenge:

  • Doing yoga for 10 minutes
  • Working out for 20 minutes
  • Meditation
  • Dressing up each day

Ready for the challenge? Now that you have picked your goal, your challenge is to stick to it for 4-weeks. There are many ways to do this; you can find a friend or family member that will keep you accountable. You can buddy up; working on the same goal together and text each other once you have completed the goal. Another great way to keep track is to download a calendar on your phone and each time you complete your goal check it on your calendar. Or print out a calendar for your fridge and each day you make your goal, mark it down. Either way keep yourself accountable for 4-weeks. Good Luck!