Take the Smudge Out of Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens have opened up a world of new possibilities for summer entertaining. Grilling islands have become the focal point of many backyards and are now available in materials from beautiful permanent hardscape stone, to concrete or brick.

However, these central features also come with a smudgy reality— they’re more susceptible to dirt, grease and damage and can lose their original lustre because they’re exposed to harsh weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to protect your investment with stain removal and paver protection to restore the beauty of your grilling island and preserve it for years.

According to the experts at Techniseal, the first step is to remove obvious stains with the appropriate spot cleaners. Not all stains require the same product. For example, there are specific removers for rust, rubber, paint, oil and grease stains.

Step two of the process is to even the appearance of the entire surface after spot cleaning. For this step, products like the HD Paver Prep are recommended. This effective cleaner is ideal for removing general grime and dirt as well as efflorescence, the whitish residue that appears on paver surfaces. The HD Paver Prep ensures even cleaning and brightens up the colour prior to sealant application.

The third and final step is the application of the chosen sealant. You can choose between a natural, clear, colour boost or wet look. Natural and clear-look protectors do not change the original colours of the pavers. Wet look and colour boost protectors, however, will enhance their colours, giving pavers a rich and vibrant appearance. You can select a matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish. In the case of an outdoor kitchen or a pool deck for example, where slipperiness is a concern, a matte finish provides the best results.

All of the company’s protectors are stain and water-resistant so you can expect zero maintenance as well as peaceful and relaxing summer days. More information is available online at techniseal.com.

Source: (NC) newscanada.com