Team Fusia is Feeling the LOVE with Dove’s New Beauty Bar!

Ever experience that feeling of comfort when you smell a certain scent, or hear a certain hum, or taste a certain food? Well our Editorial team had exactly that when the opportunity came about to try Dove’s Beauty Bar again.  And this season our friends at Dove introduced a very special limited-edition engraved beauty bar.  One thing is for sure … it did not disappoint.

Here at Fusia we are a very diverse group of Women – as we should be, right? We are at different ages and stages, a variety of shapes, and sizes, short and tall. We are all totally proud of our heritage, our confidence, and embrace living the best life you can every single day. But all that said we are creatures of habit with a variety of ways that we manage our health inside and out – so if there is a way to make it easier and quicker or more responsible, we are all for it! A big part of that is the chance to try different products – when that opportunity came along for the Dove Beauty Bar, we were all in!

“I love how Dove includes– I need that for my city skin!”

“It saves me so much time in the mornings”

“The classic scent is what gets me every time, but I love the new versions too”

We had the luxury of receiving Dove’s new Limited-Edition Engraved Beauty Bars with the word engraved into them. We heart everything love here at Fusia! This lineup is available – only while supplies last – in Dove White, Dove Sensitive Skin, and Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture with the refreshing scent of cucumber and green tea to revitalize your senses.  I started using it right away and personally, I felt a difference in just a week. I loved the lather and didn’t have to spend time afterwards with the extra step of a moisturizer. Dove Beauty Bars make it easy because they are made with 1/4 moisturizing cream – you know you have heard that tagline and I am here to confirm it is so true! No wonder the Dove Beauty Bar is still #1 dermatologist recommended! Our Social team particularly loved the scent – one of the team actually keeps a Beauty Bar loose in her dresser drawer to keep all her clothing smelling fresh — we all totally adopted that tip fast!

This is one of those no nonsense parts of your day that you almost forget about, until you use a product that makes it into an experience. What a great way to start your morning, or prepare for a restful sleep in the evening. From all of us at Team Fusia – indulge in the Dove Limited-Edition Engraved Beauty Bar this summer, your skin and senses will totally LOVE it!

Available in major retails stores across Canada through July; while supplies last. We welcome you to share the love on social #RealBeauty