The Best Nail Tools

Make your nails look salon perfect with some simple tools.

Take care of your nails at home with these tools.

  1. Julep Crystal Nail File

The Julep Crystal Nail File is gentler than traditional rough emery boards.

  1. Tweezerman Cuticle Nipper

Resist the urge to pick at frayed cuticles by (gently!) removing them with the Tweezerman Cuticle Nipper.

  1. Nivea Creme

Stash the travel-size Nivea Creme Tin in your purse to hydrate hands and cuticles on the go.

  1. Biotin

Research suggests that taking 2.5 milligrams daily of biotin (part of the vitamin B complex group), like Appearex Nail Strengthening Biotin, may reinforce nails.

  1. Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel

Seal moisture into bare nails with Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel.

  1. Bio-Oil

Prevent and treat peeling cuticles with a dab of Bio-Oil.

  1. Revlon Expert Effect Nail Clipper

With a “cushy” rubber grip on the handle, this nail clipper stood out from the rest. It was easy to hold and didn’t slip out of users’ fingers, leaving behind straight, snag-free results.

  1. Trim Salon Board & Case

This won high marks for its grit and inch width, which together allowed for “simple filing and smooth nails.” Another plus: a purse-friendly carrying case to prevent scratched sunglasses.

  1. Lacross Cuticle Trimmer

Cutting your cuticles isn’t always wise, but if you must, try this trimmer. It made even novices feel comfortable. Designed like a nail clipper, it’s a cinch to handle, and “the tiny tip cuts cleanly.”

  1. Tweezerman Nail Block

One staffer’s summing up: “It was fast and gave great shine―loved it.” The lavender side eliminates ridges, and the two white edges give nails a high-gloss finish. As an added bonus, the blue side files.


SOURCE: Real Simple