The Hottest Trend in Books – Adult Colouring Books

Lately everyone has been colouring their world – quite literally.  The hottest trend in books is adult colouring books.  Now don’t be judgemental  – colouring really isn’t just for kids.  Give it a try.  Colouring is soothing relaxing and makes you slow down and focus, after all you have to stay in the lines.

Though children’s colouring books tend to be simple and have big images of Dora, Ducks and all things Disney, adult books are filled with sophisticated, intricate illustrations that inspire creativity.  Check out some of these great books from Indigo.  Remember you’re never too old to get creative and colour!

Vogue Colours A to Z Vogue Colours A to Z

In this first-ever colouring book from American Vogue, you are invited into a world of fashion fantasy.
Twenty-six archival magazine covers from 1912 to 1932, by ten celebrated illustrators living here and abroad, take you back to a more playful and whimsical moment of boas, bows, hats and headpieces, fans, pearls and gloves, and even exotic animals. Colouring book fans of all ages can try their hand at the Art Deco patterns and letters from A to Z and the lively drawings of women dressed for the task at hand, whether it is driving their own car, pruning morning glories in the garden, feeding a dragon, steering a gondola, sitting on a crescent moon, perched on a peacock or riding a zebra—side-saddle, of course. This is the Vogue woman as liberated, stylish, and always dressed for adventure.
At the back, don’t miss the twenty-six Vogue covers in their original colorus with lively captions as well as a stunning six-page gatefold of twenty-one glamorous dresses from 1912–1932 to colour, tear out, and display.

Tropical World Colouring Book Tropical World

Lose yourself in a riot of beauty and mindful drawing with New York Times bestselling adult colouring book author Millie Marotta—whose books have sold more than five million copies!!
Created by the bestselling author of Animal Kingdom, this is one of the most gorgeous adult colouring books out there. Millie Marotta’s intricately designed tropical world beckons would-be artists to enter and make their mark. Add bright and brilliant colours to exotic blooms or a parrot’s feathers. Complete a rainforest scene, draw fine lines on the palm trees, create new patterns, or use your creativity to personalize the illustrations. It’s a wonderful way to fire up your imagination and relieve stress—and the high-quality paper makes it perfect for colour pencils.

The Look – Image The Look - Image

It’s haute couleur: The phenomenon of adult colouring books meets the world of fashion in The Look, a compelling fantasy tour showing scenes of chic, trendy life on the streets of the world’s style capitals.

The clothes, the hair, the accessories (including French bulldogs and graphic skateboards), the poses, the attitude, the look—here is page after page of extraordinarily detailed and lifelike line drawings of stunning women and men, young and old, wearing beautiful, stylish outfits, each image like a fashion shoot, each waiting to be coloured. A ripped T-shirt and jeans in Antwerp. Animal prints and fedoras in Milan. Bold pattern mixing on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Window-shopping in the Sixth, strolling along Shanghai’s Bund. Colouring lets the reader play designer, experimenting with colours, orchestrating different contrasts and shades. It’s the perfect impulse book and gift for everyone who reads Vogue, follows The Sartorialist, watches Project Runway, and lives for fashion—and wants all the pleasurable, meditative benefits of colouring, too.

Floribunda Floribunda

Floribunda features 20 stunningly intricate illustrations of flowers to colour. Printed on high-quality card, each large-scale illustration can be coloured with a variety of media and can easily be removed for framing. Colouring fans and botanical enthusiasts of all ages will love these gorgeous bouquets.

Colours of Jane Austen Colours of Jane Austen

Escape to the country with literature’s most formidable heroines—and the dashing suitors who adore them—with this captivating colouring book inspired by Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma.

Colour the charming cottages, magnificent estates and quintessential English gardens that serve as a backdrop for Austen’s cherished stories of longing and love. The detailed illustrations are matched by delightful quotations from the inimitable author, featuring striking observations on matters of the heart.