The Layering Trend to Try

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The new trend that we have been cozying up to is the art of layering. As the weather gets chilly this fall, you can try a few styling options that will make you look as if you just invested in a brand new closet.

Leggings is key
You can take your summer dress or your chiffon shirt and tweed skirt and pair them with a pair of leggings for a whole new look. This will keep you warm and chic.

Twisty Turtleneck
You can always layer a turtleneck top or cropped sweater over your strapless summer dress and you have a new outfit to add to your closet. Alternatively, you can also opt for the dress over the turtleneck

Pile on the thin layers
You can pair a thin tank top over another thin top before opting for a blazer or a sweater and you’re good to go.

Boyfriend sweater
You can totally pull out a boyfriend sweater look in a chic fashion. Simply pair the oversized sweater with a pair figure-hugging jeans or leather leggings. Leather keeps you warm without making you look bulky.

Must-have poncho
The best part about a poncho is that it’s a shawl that you can cozy up all day as you walk around the office. You can pair it under your blazer or sweater and you’re all set.

Pants Drama
Pants under dresses is a trend that been getting a lot of buzz from fashion week. You can start with narrow shirt dresses and pair that with a pair of pants or leather anything.

If you’re new to layering, you might feel a bit weird but trust me, it’s a lot of fun as you experiment with different pieces and pull together a whole new look for yourself.