The Love of Life And Self

Love is in the air! February is a month for everyone, even for people that are not in an intimate relationship. No one needs to avoid February with all the heart shaped chocolates around because this month is for all. There are many types of love, so this year let’s think outside the box and celebrate different forms of love. For most of us the two most neglected parts of our lives are realizing all the good things in our life and loving ourselves. So this February challenge yourself to celebrate life and yourself.

To celebrate life start by thinking of all the things that you are grateful for. No matter what you are going through or what you have been through, there are always some positive things in life that you can be grateful for. It could be your children, your job, your health; all the nice people in your life or maybe you can afford things that other people might not be able to. If it is certain people that you are thankful for then do something nice for them and let them know how much you appreciate them. You can also celebrate by taking some time out to realize all the good things in your life or each morning when you wake up go through your thankful list. It’s a great way to start each day!

When you think about it we celebrate so many things, so what is wrong with celebrating “me”? You shouldn’t think for a second you are being shallow just because you want to take some time to be nice to yourself. It’s high time we start treating ourselves with the respect that we deserve.  We treat other people with so much respect but when it comes down to ourselves we are our worst enemy. We can say nice things to people and boost their ego, however, all we come up for ourselves are put downs and negative thoughts. How many times have we done something and thought it wasn’t so great, meanwhile other people thought it was the best thing ever. Think about kids and how honest they are; they seem to think the world of us.  No excuses, it is high time we believed in ourselves, believe that we can do anything that we want and start saying and doing kind things for ourselves.

To celebrate yourself you can start with something small like saying nice things to yourself. Pick an area that you are the hardest on yourself and start self-talk in that area. Take care of your inner self, so you automatically reflect this beauty on the outside. Celebrate yourself by realizing all the good things about yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself; be your own best friend first.

Now if you were in a relationship you would do something nice for your partner, something that they would like. So who better to know what you want than yourself. Celebrate yourself by doing something nice for yourself, it could be going out with friends, checking yourself into a spa, buying yourself something that you have wanted for some time, anything that will make you happy. You deserve the best so celebrate yourself and your life any way you want.