The Outstanding Oprah Winfrey: Where Is She Now?

Oprah Winfrey…

A name recognized in households all over the world. The philanthropist and billionaire business woman best known for the amazing work she completed for almost 26 years while hosting the award winning The Oprah Winfrey Show.  From 1985 – 2011, Oprah graced our television sets to discuss a range of topics that covered breaking news, top trends in entertainment, self-development, charitable initiatives and overall wellness.

How since the show’s end over 6 years ago, has Oprah continued to make such a powerful mark on the world? Why unlike so many others before her, has her presence and influence continued to grow despite no longer being present on our televisions every single day?

Read on for our top four reasons why Oprah continues to be O-so-fabulous:

  • Noteworthy Network: Why stop at hosting a television show when you’re big enough to build your own network? Perhaps because the logistics of running television networks are high in cost and workload but in true Oprah fashion, those challenges didn’t stop her. In 2011, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network made its debut and now reaches approximately 82 million
  • Billionaire Boss Babe: Not only did her OWN network have its most watched year in 2016, but Oprah also signed a brand ambassador contract with Weight Watchers just after buying a 10% stake in the company. Between the network, investments, endorsements, acting, directing and so much more, Oprah is worth an estimated 3 billion USD, setting the bar at its highest when it comes to describing a boss babe.
  • Sweet like Soul Food: Comforting and empowering, watching Oprah’s Next Chapter series is like eating chicken soup; it’s warm for the soul. From the OWN network to O Magazine and the OWN YouTube channel, Oprah continues to spread a message of positivity and spiritual light. Money isn’t all that matters (if it was Oprah could’ve quit years ago) and Oprah openly talks about her life’s purpose to be on helping others reach their full potential – pretty sweet stuff. Super Soul Sundays is another platform used to spread positivity; it airs at 11am on OWN and discusses spiritual topics to help unlock potential, live with abundance and positivity. No OWN? No problem; full shows and segments can be found on YouTube making the wisdom of Oprah and her noteworthy guests (Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra to name a few) accessible to all.
  • Educates on Education: Oprah doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to supporting others and social justice, an accomplished philanthropist, she puts in the work from financial support to raising awareness – Oprah is a leader in walking the walk. Having donated millions to charitable causes over the course of her career, Oprah supports several areas from abuse prevention to cancer research, LGBT Support to Civil Rights; her mission is to make the world a better place. Praised by Nelson Mandela for her development of the Leadership Academy for Girls, a girls-only boarding school in South Africa, Oprah is a leader in educating the world and as long as she’s teaching, we are happy to be her students.