A Three-Day Romance with NYC

A Little Something for Everyone

My husband and I decided to take a spontaneous three-day summer break to the beloved concrete jungle. As soon as I stepped off the plane at La Guardia airport, I felt the contagious electric pulse of New York City all around me. I love excitement so the pace of NYC is right up my alley! My husband on the other hand, loves to take it easy and finds the frenzy of New York to be unnerving at times.

We needed some time away for some good company and romantic R&R.  I was on a mission to prove that there’s more to New York City than flashing lights, well dressed people in a rush, and espresso shops! My husband was skeptical. I decided that I’d show my man that he could fall as hard for the city as I have.

After spending the morning exploring the colourful streets of Little India in Queen’s we hopped onto the subway’s F train and made our way into Manhattan to meet with some friends. For the 20-minute ride, we basked in one of our favourite pastimes – people watching! The trip was full of silly giggles.

We arrived in Manhattan around lunchtime and met friends at Friedman’s restaurant on W 31st Street. At 1pm on a Friday, this place was bustling with a cultural mosaic of faces soaking up every ounce of the quality service and phenomenal food. Our party included two carnivores, a vegetarian, and one with a love of all things gluten free! There was something lovely for each of us on the menu. After enjoying some fresh squeezed orange juice, great entrees, and the best brussel sprouts on the planet (seriously!), our bellies were full and happy.

The four of us got up (with some difficulty after immersing in food heaven) and took a stroll to the Empire State building. From the main deck on the 86th floor of the building, we took in the sprawling bird’s eye view of New York City. The sights of modern skyscrapers, old architecture, and busy streets seemed endless. The hubby and I took a leisurely stroll around the main deck and both of us stopped dead in our tracks when we caught view of the over 800 acres of greenery that is Central Park in the middle of the city! It seemed like the eager tourists around us disappeared as we wrapped into one another’s arms and soaked up the wonder the moment. My inner romantic loved every bit of it!

For the rest of the afternoon, we escaped the tourist trodden area and spent the afternoon lying in the grass at Bryant Park with our friends. Surrounded by lovers, families and groups of young people, we laid back and enjoyed the tunes of the jazz band playing in the distance.

We ended our evening with a decadent Italian dinner at Mario Batali’s restaurant Del Posto with another friend and her husband. The entire evening oozed of romance. The grand entryway, candle light, and personal wait staff had us feeling like royalty. We enjoyed a five-course meal with pinot grigio over an epic four-hour dining experience. By the end of the night, we were as content as could be and it was time for a cozy sleep at our friends’ Manhattan loft.

My husband was already seeing a warmer side of New York and he loved it so far.

Saturday we explored a weekend street market full of trendy jewelry and nic nacs followed by a late brunch at the neighbourhood staple, Sarabeth’s near Central Park. We ordered mimosas, pancakes galore, omelets, home fries, and short rib hash to die for! If you haven’t noticed already – we love food and there is definitely no shortage of good eats in NYC.

A short bout of rain had us running for cover so we made our way to Gallow Green – an enchanting rooftop garden bar above the McKittrick Hotel. As we entered the patio, a leafy archway lead us to a bustling hipster bar. Our fancy cocktails arrived in mason jars and mini glass bottles. My techy husband pulled out his Android and we started a game of taboo on his smart phone! It pleases me to report that the ladies dominated the gents. Later that night, we put on our dancing shoes and spent the night grooving to old school hip hop beats and classic R&B jams at Sway Lounge – a Moroccan styled nightclub in the South Village.

We spent our last day in the Big Apple on a romantic double date with our weekend roommates in Central Park.  We watched a group of dancers perform gravity defying break dancing stunts and went for a bike ride around the entire loop of the park.

By the end of our trip, my husband was gushing about the array of sights, tastes, sounds, and experiences that the city had to offer. We boarded our flight back home to Toronto feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Now that was a successful love filled weekend!