Tips to Enjoy Every Minute of a Short Vacation

Make the most of quick trips

Canada’s three largest airports, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, each saw record passengers in 2016. The trend’s not slowing down either, with Air Canada alone adding 28 new routes to its schedule in 2016 with another 11 planned to launch in 2017.

With more people choosing to fly for just a few short days, either to an exciting international location for a quick business trip or a city on the other side of Canada to visit family over a long weekend, we can all use a bit of advice on how to make the most of our trips.

Flight attendants travel the world for work, but often only get a few days or even hours to explore each location. Here, Renée Beaumont, an Air Canada flight attendant, offers her best tips that are perfect for weekend warriors, business travellers and families alike.

  1. Stay downtown.If you’re spending a limited time somewhere, make sure to stay in the heart of it all. Avoid airport hotels, as they’re often on the outskirts of a city and will mean wasting precious time in transit between the fun and your room.
  2. Keep your options open.Make sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. Pick out things to do on a beautiful day, like a famous park or fun street, but have a backup activity ready for a rainy day, like a big museum.
  3. Pack wisely.A carry-on is likely all you’ll need for a short getaway. Beaumont recommends keeping the colours on your clothing simple and making each outfit look different with funky accessories. Be sure to pack from the bottom up — start with comfortable walking shoes and then add pants and tops.
  4. Go with the flow.Beaumont says sometimes the best experiences are spontaneous, so venture out into the town without an agenda and follow your instincts. Strike up a conversation with your barista or locals at a café and ask for advice on what to see and do.

SOURCE: News Canada