Triarchy Denim Relaunches with New Commitment to Sustainable Production 

Canadian denim brand launches new model of sustainable, low-water denim manufacturing.   

Canadian denim brand, Triarchy was launched in 2011 by three siblings. Triarchy Denim is a sustainable luxury denim brand focused on reducing the massive amount of water waste associated with the production of denim.

Triarchy, is announcing the re-launch of its brand and the launch of their new website,, where consumers can shop sustainable denim for men and women.

Upon learning that the average pair of cotton jeans consumes approximately 2,900 gallons of water in the production process alone, Triarchy halted production after five years in business in order to research and implement more sustainable practices. The brand is now dedicated to conserving our planet’s most important resource by reducing the massive water consumption of everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple, jeans.

As early adapters of a new model of sustainability, Triarchy reassessed everything from their factory to their materials. Triarchy women’s denim is now made using a Tencel/Cotton blend. Tencel, being a processed wood fibre made from the eucalyptus tree requires 85% less water to grow and process than cotton. Their men’s denim is sourced to require low to no wash as it is engineered as a raw denim with the added benefit of stealth stretch woven in for comfort & durability.

In search of the greenest manufacturing available, Triarchy decided to move their production to Mexico City where the factory they work with now uses 85% recycled water throughout the production process. These water recycling efforts combined with the use of Tencel, consumes 52% less water per pair, and the water that is used during the production process is recycled.

“I knew that Triarchy couldn’t go on the way it was after seeing the documentary “The True Cost”,” said Adam Taubenfligel, Creative Director of Triarchy. “The movie unveils the shocking environmental impact of the industry, and it stopped me dead in my tracks. After searching long and hard for the right partners and right materials, we are proud to relaunch our online store and be a part of a larger conversation around sustainable fashion.”

“We hope that by communicating our message, people will start to think about how much water they are wearing,” said Ania Taubenfligel, Brand Manager of Triarchy. “2,900 gallons of water is equivalent to 70 household bathtubs filled with water, which is a huge water footprint to be associated to a single pair of jeans. We just couldn’t be a part of that kind of unnecessary endless water consumption anymore.”

In addition to relaunching with sustainable production processes, Triarchy introduced Atelier Denim. Triarchy/Atelier Denim is a collection of sustainable luxury pieces made by deconstructing and reconstructing vintage denim.
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