Turn Over A New Leaf In 2017

On a cold wet day is there anything better than coming home to a hot cup of tea? Tea has grown in popularity due to its health benefits and now the unlimited variety of flavours!  If you haven’t had tea in a while or are not a big fan, I would suggest checking out a DAVIDs TEA and trying one of their fantastic flavours.

To get rid of the winter blues you can sip on their new Feel Good Collection.  The new collection features five limited edition, benefit packed teas to help you detox, boost your metabolism, and give you the energy to take on your day.

My favourites from the collection include Turmeric Glow, Cocoa Boost, and Zestfully Green.

Turmeric Glow

Known as “the King of Spice,” this golden root has been hailed as an Ayurvedic skin-saver for centuries. And this deliciously vibrant yellow tea keeps that royal legacy going. It’s got carrots for a punch of sweetness, plus a spicy zing of ginger – turmeric’s second cousin. With all the earthy goodness of turmeric, it’s a sunny tonic that’ll have you glowing from the inside out. Drink up and get ready for a bright and shiny new you.

Cocoa Boost

This fudgy blend isn’t just rich and satisfying – it’s actually overflowing with feel-good ingredients thought to boost metabolism. It has an energizing base of pu’erh, a smooth and earthy tea that’s been used for thousands of years to aid digestion. Add to it a delicious and wholesome dose of chicory root and rich cocoa. Finally, topped off with decadent organic dark chocolate – a mood-enhancing treat that never fails to make us happy.

Zestfully Green

This detoxifying and delicious tea has the benefit-packed matcha, one of the best energizers ever. It’s also got a splash of sweet orange and lemon, to keep you awake and refreshed. And the secret weapon, ginger – the spicy root renowned for its powerful cleansing properties. Bright, revitalizing and oh-so tasty, this tea is like a detox in a cup. Talk about clean energy…