Unleash the Goddess

It is fascinating to know how much my mind has changed since practicing yoga daily. Whether it is late at night, or I’m sick or I have too much work – I always find my way to my mat even to just sit there in stillness for 5 minutes!

Before practicing yoga as a daily routine, I came up with a thousand and one reasons on why I don’t have time or energy to do it. My roadblock was myself. The thing is I was continuously putting myself last on the list with these excuses. How many of us do that? As women, as moms, we continuously put ourselves last on our to-do lists. Yet, when we take care of ourselves through active self-care, we find that our world opens up in a beautiful way.

Yoga is a tool to help shift your habits and perceptions. It keeps you neutral and grounded and of course the physical transformations come after. If you can hurdle through some of the set-backs, the doubts and the frustrations, you will begin to see yourself in a very different way.

Yoga is a self-practice that takes you within. It can be scary at first and the thoughts can be overwhelming. But in time, it will float away as you begin to let go and surrender to the present moment.

My own personal journey in practicing and teaching yoga is still very new and I have a lot to learn and share. However, this excites me. If you are exploring a new routine that will uplift and inspire you, try yoga. And my best advice is to just begin, show yourself lots of compassion and just let go.