Vitamin B6-Rich Foods Help Ease Period Cramps

Heavy blood flow during menstrual cycle is what doctors call menorrhagia. There can be several causes for menorrhagia and it would be best to rule this out with your doctors. The tips below only help you manage the period with some ease but does not cure the underlying reason for the heavy flow.

When the blood loss is more you may experience dizziness or a pounding heart when you rise from the bed — this shows that the blood volume in your system is low. To help, drink more salty fluids like vegetable juices, coconut water, chaas, warm, clear soups. Take an oral iron tablet a day — any over the counter tablet would help. Iron-rich foods that can also be included are red meat, egg yolks, dark green vegetables, and dried fruits like raisins, date and prunes. Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine (50-100mg) also helps ease menstrual cramps, chest soreness and water retention so you take a supplement tablet a week prior, during and a few days after each cycle. Foods rich in B6 include potatoes, banana, avocados, soya bean, walnuts, milk, cabbage, carrots, peanuts and pecans. Do note B6 is easily destroyed by heavy use of alcohol, drugs or refined sugars.