What Does Your Favourite Scent Say About You?

We are always perfecting our own personal style. It may be through our hair – do you have long locks that need a lot of maintenance?  Or are you more fun and sporty with a shorter hair style? Perhaps it’s through your sense of fashion. Are you a name brand design, lover that won’t go anywhere without your Louboutin or are you more smart casual with the latest New Balance? So, it’s not a surprise that the scents you love also reflect your personal style.

Body Fantasies creates body sprays in an array of wonderful scents that keep you smelling spectacular throughout the day.

Here’s their take on how to choose the right scent for you personality – or perhaps who you want to be!!

Body Fantasies Pink Vanilla Kiss

If you chose this fruity and floral mist as your signature scent, you are most likely loud and proud. Your outgoing and flirty personality captivates a room…and so does your signature scent.

Body Fantasies Twilight Mist

If you are drawn to this coconut and fruit fusion, you are probably a woman of mystery. These unique notes are complex and difficult to describe, just like you.

Body Fantasies Fresh White Musk

If this clean scent is more your style, we’d like to bet that you are calm and understated. The floral and musky combination is complimentary to your natural scent and enhances your effortless beauty.