Who wouldn’t want to go green – with Preloved?

Modern society has taught us to recycle packaging, paper and plastics but one thing that we must not forget to recycle is our clothing.  Every 6 months it is good to declutter your closets and take out the items that you no longer wear. These items can be given to charity, sold at a consignment store or given to a friend who always loved “that sweater” or taken apart and put back together into a completely new look.  – This is the basis of Preloved.

Preloved 1Preloved was founded in 1995. Julie Grieve who oversees the eco-conscious powerhouse of a brand heads this recycle-focused company.  The environmentally minded team at Preloved recycles vintage clothing (that would otherwise end up in landfills) into stunning pieces that women all over the world can wear proudly.  The clothing covers a wide selection including jackets, sweaters, tops, dresses, bottoms and skirts.  Every woman will be able to find something that will make her fall in love.

Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts are all fans of the brand.  They’re love of Preloved helps to bring attention to the cause and get the live green message moving in a positive direction.

Preloved 3More recently to keep up with the changes in market demand Preloved has branched out in design to include pieces with recycled and new fabrics.  The main purpose of this change in design was to be able to accommodate wholesale retail.  Each garment is still unique but by combining new and old fabrics the new fabrics can have a consistency that makes it easier for a retailer to stock.

Preloved has it own stand alone stores in Canada and has enjoyed having customers come into the store over the past 21 years for the grass roots Preloved experience.  With the demand of the market and the shift in shopping trends Preloved has also made their eco friendly clothing available at stores such as Anthropologie, Roots and Hudson’s Bay Co.  This gives the consumer range and accessibility where it may not have existed before.

Preloved 5The other piece of the retail puzzle that Preloved has had to tackle is the huge shift in consumer behaviour to online shopping.  Preloved has mastered the concept of reinvention and redistribution, and made it beautiful.  The company has revised its retail strategy to follow the times with the Preloved experience now available online in various parts of the world.  This is an exciting moment for the environmentally conscious shopper.  The clothing available at www.getpreloved.com is stylish and affordable and helping to save the world!

Preloved 2What makes Preloved so special is the truly unique design of the pieces and the way the product recreates something new out of something old. The clothing both captures comfort, quality and edge while also falling under the living green umbrella.  It is a win win clothing company both in design and structure.  Shopping at Preloved is perhaps the best way to go green, in style.