Winds Of (Bitter) Change

Global warming and environment change are serious issues that need to be tackled urgently. People, are using various mediums to create awareness about this growing problem. Some, like director Nila Madhab Panda, a renowned Bollywood director is using the powerful medium of cinema to convey an important message.

Panda has directed the first Bollywood film on climate change. His new movie Kadvi Hawa (Bitter Wind) shows how human lives are affected because of environment change.

Panda has given moviegoers a list of thought provoking films including I Am Kalam,

In this interview he talks about why he chose to make this movie now.

 Q: How are you depicting the climate change through Kadvi Hawa?

A: The film depicts the story of extreme weather events happening around the world.

The story revolves around an economically poor old blind man (played by Sanjay Mishra) in a village in the Chambal/Bundelkhand region and a bank loan recovery agent (Ranvir Shorey).

It is shot in a small village of India where roads, development, electricity, phone is a dream.

Add to this, the poor man has zero contribution to any greenhouse gas emission, yet suffers the most today because of global warming and climate change. And what do we do? Live a life of luxury using best of facilities available to us.

The film does not show you the event of climate change, but the consequences we meet at the end of the day. Which no one can ever think of.

On one hand we have farmers committing suicide because of no rainfall. On the other hand people struggle to save families from regular flood, cyclone and excessive water.

The four seasons (winter, spring, summer and monsoon) are missing from the calendar and due to that, farmers are giving up on their hope and life.

On a simple note what I wanted say is this—climate change is here and it’s affecting us in different forms.

Kadvi Hawa is an intense drama that tells us that we are living on the edge and it may burst any time.

Q: Do you think your movie will make an impact on the environmental issue?

A: Certainly, I can see that people are and will take climate seriously. Environment rather hawa (wind) is an important source of our life that brings heat, cold, rain and everything that has got ill today. We better be aware of it and stop destroying our nature. I am sure this film will become a movement. For me it’s not just a film, but also our life.

Q: What are the International festivals you have showcased this movie/have been invited?

A: Well because of India release, we were waiting, now it has started travelling to different international festivals.

Q: Your portfolio of films is highly commendable including the numerous awards and honors that have been bestowed upon you. What motivates you to choose such thought provoking subjects for your films?

A: I come from a very humble background. My roots and struggle of life has said many stories to me. I started my career as a documentary maker; there I came across stories, met people from all over the world, so my own life, my films, has taught me the stories, which I tell today through my craft.

Produced by Manish Mundra of Drishyam Films and Akshay Parija, Kadvi Hawa is releasing on November 24.