Work that Booty!

Woman doing fitness

After getting the amazing news of being officially welcomed to the Fusia magazine family as the Fitness and Health online editor, I knew my first article had to be about the butt aka booty! This year has been the year of booty in the fitness world. Thanks to Queen bee (Beyoncé) who set it off by dropping her fabulous album earlier this year combining it with her biggest ass-et where she worked the camera in her every jaw dropping video focusing on the butt, then of course the world cup being in Brazil. We all know what those beautiful Brazilian women are known for, the Brazilian butt.

I have clients asking me all the time how to get that rear in gear in time for summer and the answer to this question is, you can’t leave the behind, behind, ever! The key to a carefully sculpted booty is to incorporate a full body workout which then equals a sculpted hourglass body. The butt (glutes) is the largest muscle group in your body and every movement requires the activation of this muscle group. I work this muscle group all year round. Training my glutes twice a week and intensifying (heavier weights) each lower body movement (leg days) gives my booty the push in all that I train.

Iman’s signature butt/booty/glutes workout

  • 5 minutes – 20 second tabata (warmup) with 10 second rest in between
  • Full burpees
  • Jump squats
  • Jump alternating lunges

25 minute workout

  • Walking lunges with heavy weight 10 – 15lbs/Superset with explosive lunges (no rest) 30 seconds each set
  • Dumbbell squats with heavy weight same as above/Superset with jump squats (no rest) 30 seconds each set
  • Frog jumps one minute
  • Bridge up with leg lifts one minute
  • Donkey kicks with weight on ankles if available one minute
  • Fire hydrants each leg one minute
  • Barbell hip thrusts one minute
  • Stiff legged dead lifts one minute
  • End this entire set with lunge pulses for 30 seconds and squat pulses for 30 seconds to feel the booty burn

Now repeat the entire set AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)