Yoga Tree Bay and Dundas Grand Opening

Yoga Tree has opened a new location at Bay and Dundas and I was fortunate enough to attend the Grand Opening launch party this past Thursday.

The event was unlike anything I have ever been to before; the event coordinator did a particularly excellent job of promoting the space as well as offering a little something for everyone.


When I first entered the studio, I was immediately greeted by the happy and friendly staff. I was then invited to test out the balance of my chakras with a quick session on an acupressure mat and was then directed towards the amazing professionals from Ayurveda Rituals spa ( They cleansed my aura (which between you and I, really needed to be done) and they identified the imbalance in my dosha through a sensory experiment, and last but certainly not least, I received a wonderful foot massage. This served to get me in touch and in tune with my body in a way that I haven’t for a very long time.


Even if you aren’t a believer in chakras, doshas, and auras, the second floor of the studio, set up as a relaxing lounge, was definitely a space where everyone could relax and enjoy. What is more, this lounge is complete with its very own Kombucha bar, the first of its kind in Toronto.

For any of you who many not know, Kambucha is a cold tea that originated in China around 200 B.C. which has undergone fermentation and is naturally carbonated and full of probiotics (Pekoe Kombucha). Kombucha possesses healing, cleansing, detoxifying, and energizing qualities. We were served this cleansing elixir over ice with gin and mint leaves. It is absolutely delicious and you can feel good drinking it. I ended the tour of this floor feeling relaxed and grounded.


The tour continued, however, as I moved upstairs to the third floor where the studio was abuzz with people eating food provided by Freshii, wine by Southbrook (local and organic wine), and were enjoying the lively musical entertainment offered by the event’s DJ as well as the opportunity to get henna applied by artists Joanne Rumstein-Ellis (Hennafication) and Tarquin Singh (Henna Planet). The energy on this floor was a compelling contrast to the sheer relaxation only one floor down; I suddenly felt revitalized and full of energy. It was a truly enjoyable evening.

I thought the Grand Opening was very well thought out since I ended up leaving feeling exactly as I do after a good yoga workout: relaxed as well as energized. The space was beautifully decorated and the crowd was an interesting mix of yogis and downtown young professionals.



I was very impressed with this beautiful, spacious studio and I would recommend that everyone go check it out if they can. The studio also includes on onsite wellness center with access to a registered massage therapist and naturopathic practitioner, three separate yoga studios that are custom-made to be soundproof and provide insulation, and hot yoga rooms that have an innovative humidity control. Indeed this is far more than just a yoga studio; go relax, rejuvenate, and grow at Yoga Tree.