You Are What You Eat

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We’ve all heard the popular phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and nothing could be truer. You literally have a choice in what you’re made of, so why not give it the best always?

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I explain to my clients that in order to reach your fitness goals, your nutrition does 80 percent of the work and the rest of the 20 percent is a result of your training and lifestyle (stress, alcohol, sleep). You can’t go anywhere without gas in your car and your body works the same way with nutrition, water, active lifestyle and adequate sleep. These key components make up the gas to your car aka your body. You can’t trade, buy or build a new body like you can with a car, you only have one, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake. Simple things we can start by doing are fueling our bodies with the RIGHT nutrients so it performs the best daily.

My female clients with kids are juggling getting kids to school, working at their day jobs, rushing home to be homemakers until the late hours of the night and then starting all over again with weekend commitments also. Lifestyles demanding as this make it easy to fall off track and make food choices that are the 4 dreaded words mentioned earlier. This is the same case for women without children, single or married, we want it all. We’re all type A personalities in my book, we want the career, fitness, social life, love, who doesn’t want a balance of all things beautiful. However, we neglect our biggest source of achieving all these things, our bodies. Our moods are affected by what we put into our bodies so make a plan, stick to it and you will soon feel your workouts getting stronger and your moods getting better.

I follow the ‘try not to eat anything in a box’ rule. This means I scope out the farmers markets to get the highest quality in vegetables, trusted local butcher for antibiotic and hormone free meats, local bakery for fresh gluten free breads, health food store to stock up on supplements and coconut oil for cooking. To stay hydrated I alternate between water and coconut water.

So what’s next? A plan to stay on track! This means meal planning for the week every Sunday. Sitting down and planning out what you will cook for the whole week. Put the work in if you’re serious about making that change in your health, whether it be losing those last 10 pounds, building muscle, toning, feeling happier, happier digestive system, less anxiety or less depression. You’re ready, go to the store/market and buy all that is needed from your meal plan list. Get started on your fitness and health journey and see the results of being in control of your health, because you are what you eat!