You Can Eat My Products: Heetika Shah

Heetika and Larra Shah, founders, NOW — Natural Organic World, on what sets their line of natural beauty products apart

If you’re looking to go the natural route when it comes to hair and skin care, N.O.W may just be the way to go. The brand that has been making products from organic ingredients like fruits, plants, Ayurveda herbs and vegetables since 1975, has recently launched their own salon, so that customers can get the goodness of homemade remedies without having to deal with the mess. One can avail of a wide variety of treatments dealing with issues such as acne and pimples, fine lines and wrinkles, body scars and stretch marks, dandruff and hair fall problems among others. Each treatment is freshly prepared using the finest fruits, herbs, and oils to achieve great results. Heetika Shah, MD in Naturopathy, says they use formulas created by her grandfather, a scientist and naturopath and her mother, Larra Shah. “My grandfather used to come home from work every evening and my mother from school and both would sit and make different concoctions. So I too have grown up using natural remedies. Anything that is put on the skin is absorbed within seconds, so it’s important to keep a check on what you’re using,” she explains.

She also feels today people are more aware of toxins and so they want a natural, safer option. While there are plenty of organic brands out there, we ask her what sets hers apart. Pat comes the reply, “You can eat my products.”

A wide variety of ingredients are used at the salon. Larra explains, “For oily skin, we use a mixture of dry fruits, cucumber and oil base extract as well as fresh orange juice, sweet limes and kiwi. Our hair mask contains avocado, olive oil and plant gel. There’s also a leave-on hair mask that’s aloe vera-based for hair concerns. Ingredients like papaya, pumpkin, and apple cider vinegar are also used.” And it’s not just women that are lining up, but men too come for concerns like under bags, pigmentation on skin, acne and hair fall too. The line is affordably priced so that youngsters as well as older men and women can have access to them.