You Need To Know What Katrina Kaif Said About Marital Rape

For a Bollywood A-lister, Katrina Kaif chooses to stay out of the limelight for anything that’s not directly related to her work. She has always remained tight-lipped about her personal life and up until very recently, also chose to stay off social media.

But when it comes to women’s rights, Kaif is not one to mince her words. At the recent ‘WeUnite’ conference, which marks UN Women’s partnership with the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kaif spoke out against martial rape.

“I know of educated women, who remain silent in the face of violence, because they are afraid to confront societal norms and have fingers pointed in their direction. Especially when the majority of our society fails to recognise martial rape as a crime,” said Kaif. According to the law, marital rape is only recognised if the victim is between 12-16 years of age.

“I would urge more women to speak up. It is not okay to feel inferior or weak, because we are not the weaker sex by any stretch of imagination. On a daily basis there are shocking stories about the violent crimes made against women. Yet, I can only imagine how many other crimes against women in India go unreported,” said the actor.

Kaif concluded by bringing to focus the increase in the number of crimes against women in the last decade. “However I would like to believe that this increase in numbers is not an increase in crime against women. It is in increase in number of women who are ready to come forward and reporting them,” she said.