Zoolander No. 2

In 2001, Derek Zoolander was the world’s top male supermodel, propelled to the top of the fashion world by his photogenic gaze – “Blue Steel”. Zoolander introduced us to Derek taking us on an adventure into his zany and dangerous world of modeling.

The dim witted but really-really good looking Derek Zoolander thought he was a shoe in for his 4th title of male model of the year but lost to his arch rival, Hansel (Owen Wilson). Devastated and depressed, this leads Derek to start soul searching and right into the hands of the sinister Jacobim Mugatu (Will Ferrell). Mugatu signs Derek to star in his “Derelicte” fashion show, which was all a secret plot to brainwash Derek into killing Malaysia’s prime minister.

Fast forward 15 years to Zoolander No. 2, Derek Zoolander the iconic and endearing “Blue Steel” male model who had married the woman of his dreams, had a son and was on top of his career when we last saw him has had his world spiral put of control and managed to lose his career, his wife, the custody of his son, and his ineffable mojo. He has been out of the public eye living alone “as a hermit crab,” in a hut among snowy mountains.

Invited to a major fashion event in Rome top models Derek Zoolander and Hansel now find themselves thrust back into the spotlight after living in seclusion for years. Zoolander 2 takes these former super models on a Roman holiday backed by a parade of real-life really, really, ridiculously good-looking celebrities and into the intriguing, exciting and mysterious world of Fashion.

ZOOLANDER NO. 2 two-disc blu-ray/dvd combo pack with digital copy or dvd

Hits stores May 17, 2016